Estate Planning/Legacy Planning

Estate Planning
Will allow you to be remembered the way you want. To leave a legacy to your loved ones that reflects your wishes gives purpose to what you've accomplished in your life. Without estate planning, that likely will not happen.

It's simple, whatever your age, whatever the size of your estate, a proper estate plan will ensure that it is passed along as you desire, with minimum taxes and with no complications or delays for your heirs.

Legacy Planning
Passing wealth on to the next generation is far more complicated than most people realize. There are plenty of things to consider.

More and more affluent families are actively committing a percentage of their wealth to philanthropy. Leaving money to charity not only gives you a sense of personal satisfaction, it can save you money in estate taxes. If there is a charity or foundation that has a special place in your heart, Legacy Planning is a strategy that can work for you.

Vega can help you plan ahead to maximize contributions to your favorite charities while offsetting current or future tax obligations. Vega will guide you to define and build an effective legacy plan.

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